Do What You Love

It has been my pleasure to have known Sharyn Williams for many years.

I first met Sharyn when I was struggling with the emotional backlash of a childhood trauma and subsequent skin disorder as a result. Sharyn suggested Reiki to help heal the dermatitis on my hands and I had a healing session the very next day. Today, I am dermatitis free, however more importantly I have been able to work through old emotional scars and see more clearly my own path. I attribute this to Reiki and the sessions I had (and still have) with Sharyn.

Over the years I have been to a couple of Sharyn’s art exhibitions and also commissioned her to paint, artworks for both my home and office space.

Sharyn’s art work is a true reflection of her creative spirit and within the melding of styles, different mediums and colours, she is able to produce beautiful works that resonate with passion and a life force of their own.

Sharyn shares her wealth of art knowledge in her workshops, unselfishly passing on her talents with enthusiasm, honesty and a genuine desire for you to learn, practice and ultimately experience the joy of creating at home.

It is only recently that I have turned to Sharyn for intuitive readings. (Tarot) I have always known that Sharyn was indeed very spiritual and through the Reiki sessions I have received many “messages” and helpful insights, it is only now, that I have had a Tarot reading, that I totally understand her gift. I was blown away by my “reading”.

I can honestly say that knowing Sharyn has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. I will continue to see Sharyn for energy healing sessions, art workshops and now guidance through Tarot and simply cannot recommend her and her work enough.


D Chilcott - Banora Point NSW


Meeting Sharyn has been such a blessing for me. Sharing her gift of connecting with spirit has helped lead me through a relationship breakdown, has put me on a new career path, but most importantly lead me to find ME again.

I can't thank Sharyn enough for sharing her gift to help guide me.


Karen Booth -Banora Point NSW


"The most accurate, solid reading I have ever had.  I will continue to come to you for clarity for many years to come.  Thank you."

Debra - Arana Hills QLD


Sharyn helped me through a difficult time when my son passed away suddenly.  She was able to contact him and through this communication I was able to find peace and some degree of closure.   I am deeply grateful for the way Sharyn handled this situation.  Her calm, clear and compassionate nature with us was very comforting.

Bonita - Mt Glorious QLD