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Sharyn connects and communicates clearly and easily with many realms of energy.  These include being able to see issues from past lives, guides from the Angelic Realm, Elementals, Loved Ones who have passed over, overlighting devas, Ascended Masters and animal spirits.

Her readings are deeply healing and are focused on understanding and clearing any blocks to your full potential so that you can live your life "On Purpose" freely and joyously.  Her guidance is clear, comforting and can get you back in alignment with your truth.

If you are looking for guidance regarding your soul purpose, a clear picture of the next step or just a general reading of what lies before you, make an appointment via the contact link of this website.  

Sharyn works at Ecclectica Esoteric Bookstore in West End Mondays and Thursdays and  from home in The Gap on Wednesday and Saturday.  She is also available for phone readings on these days as well as Monday to Friday evenings between 7pm and 9pm.  

Phone readings are exactly the same as in person as spirit does not need a physical location to communicate between medium and client.  They are often clearer and more amazing due to the comfort of the client and the fact that Sharyn can focus solely on the messages she is receiving.  Phone readings are highly recommended.

Call 0419 026 350 to book an appointment.

Readings cost  $80 for an hour.

'Ecclectica Esoteric Books and Curiosities Time Schedule

Monday 12.30pm -5.30pm

Thursday 10am-5.30pm

To avoid disappointment booking in advance is highly recommended.