Do What You Love

Artist Statement


Being labelled a dreamer, has served me well in the long run.

As a child I was told stories of fairies, nymphs, dragons and ghosts.  I was always fascinated by this world of mystery and magick and still am today.  My work has evolved over the years and is now more a reflection of the invisible world I have always known and loved. 

My constant fascination with the feelings, sounds,  patterns and colours of the world coupled with my vivid imagination and sensitivity to the energy that enveloped me, were both an inescapable pleasure and obsession.  This is still true today along with my compulsion to express this joy through art making.

When absorbed in the process I feel a deep connection to the divinity and beauty in all things.  I feel complete.

It is my desire that by sharing my world through my work I might convey and inspire a sense of optimism and faith in the joy and beauty of life.