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Energy Therapy Sessions


Sharyn uses Reiki and psychic awareness to read your Chakras and energy field. During a healing session she receives messages, visions and information direct from Spirit to assist you in clearing any negative blocks or energy imbalances in and around your body.  The process is gentle yet powerful, relaxing and nurturing.  

Psychic Energy Therapy can assist greatly with:

  • Relieving feelings of loneliness, separation, loss or grief
  • Reducing anxiety, depression, fear, insomnia, stress
  • Changing negative repeating patterns/cycles of behaviour or circumstances
  • Eleviating any physical ailments
  • Enhancing mental and emotional clarity
  • Clearing past life issues
  • Releasing soul contracts, bonds or cords 

1 Hour Energy Session     $80

Bookings can be made by contacting Sharyn on 0419 026 350 or email